Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Bulldog Wimps-out

Doug Giles is sure he knows why Texas resident Aziz Yazdanpanah dressed up as Santa Claus and proceeded to murder six family members as they opened gifts on Christmas morning, 2011. Forget the Christian setting. Yazdanpanah must have been some sort of fanatical Muslim. How else could this be explained? So in Giles mind it necessarily follows the deed was an "honor killing." Neither the press nor the police reported it that way but that just proves they're poodles. That's right, poodles. God speaks truths to bulldogs not poodles. And why not? -- since it's "pit bulls who smash demonic strongholds, stand for truth and bring life, light and healing to this great planet." [1]

What kind of truth does Giles stand for these days?

Let's start with what we know. Yazdanpanah killed his estranged wife, their 19-year-old daughter, their 15-year-old son, his sister-in-law, her husband, and their 22-year-old daughter. Then he killed himself but not before trying to pin the crimes on the brother-in-law he had just murdered. We know Yazdanpanah was chronically unemployed. He was losing his house. He was bankrupt. His children lived with his wife. There were rumors he disapproved of who his daughter was dating.

Oh, yeah, he was originally from Iran.

Does this scream "honor killing?" This is Giles definition: "An honor killing is a murder wherein a man from the Creed of Calm can give his wife and/or daughter(s) the axe if he deems that they have embarrassed him or their peaceful community." [2] Therefore we should assume an "honor killing" of the daughter would stop at the daughter. An "honor killing" of the wife would end with the wife. Even using Giles' definition there's no "honorable" reason to kill the whole family including the son and brother-in-law.

Nevertheless some "conservative" blogs invented the story because "conservatives" don't care about truth. Clashpoint: Truth is for poodles. Comrades need to be fired up! Any issue that can be culturally exploited will be swung like a pick-axe.

But isn't Giles a bulldog? He wrote a whole book about it. Why would a bulldog get so upset over a private family affair particularly when honor was at stake? Bulldogs are mean and tough. Why is he sounding like a poodle Christian who gets bent out of shape over trifles? "We believe God created men to be men without apology." That's part of his Clash Church description. What's more manly than defending your honor? Doesn't he still "avoid the feminization of men and the spiritual emasculation of God’s rowdy warriors?" [3] "We've still "got to draw the knuckle draggers back to church," don't we? [4]

Consider the lesson of that first wild man, Adam. He "refused to rule righteously and conquer the serpent." That "reticence to be the wild man" cost him paradise. [5]

And the kids these days! Andrea Yates knew the score. "My children were not righteous. I let them stumble. They were doomed to perish in the fires of hell." So she drowned her five kids in the bathtub to nip the problem in the bud.

Dena Schlosser hacked the arms off her 11 month old child. It was done tastefully to background music: the Christian gospel song, "He Touched Me." She was still singing hymns when the police arrived. The state psychiatrist later testified, "She felt she was basically commanded, in essence, to cut Maggie's arms off and her own arms off, and her legs and her head, and in some way to give them to God."

Elizabeth Schatz and her husband took turns beating their seven year old daughter to death. The rebellious child had mispronounced a word. It was not part of the Schatz's Christian home-school practice that words should be treated so recklessly, not nearly as recklessly as a child's body. Not to worry, though. This beating had a biblical foundation.

And there is Deanna Laney. She knew she had to “step out in faith” and trust God. So she stoned two of her children to death. There was no choice in the matter. The "signs" were so strong. An expert witness testified, "She struggled over whether to obey God or to selfishly keep her children.” Let's be honest. How can a god-fearing Christian choose selfishness? Laney was certain she had put her sons in a safe place -- the safest place: “I feel like He will reveal his power and they will be raised up. They will become alive again.”

These were pit bull women listening to the voice of God. Yet not a peep from Giles about these fine Christian parents.

Giles prays to a Jesus who not only sanctions torture, but relishes the opportunity. Yet one Muslim family is sacrificed to the gods of moral purity and he goes soft? Why now?

Has Giles forgotten it's okay to stone unruly children? He needs to bury his nose in a bible and get his head straight. "How about looking at scripture through the eyes of the Pit Bull?" That's his own advice. He should take it. There are pit bulls and there are Pit Bulls. What's the difference? Pit Bulls don't waiver. Pit Bulls embrace their barbaric side. Yes, Pit Bulls will eat their young. Then they lick their balls. Clash with that.

-- Don Jindra.


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